How to install HomePod 17 Beta Software

Step 1: Set up the beta profile

Start by visiting the provided website on your device that’s paired with your HomePod. Once there, hit the Install Profile button. Click on Allow to proceed. To finalize this step, tap on Install located at the top right of your screen. Then choose the room where your HomePod resides.

Step 2: Carry out the HomePod update

Begin by opening the Home application.

Press and hold your HomePod speaker, then opt for “Accessory Details”. Alternatively, you can go to Home App > Home Settings > Software Update. Wait patiently while the software is downloading. You will get a notification once it’s ready for installation.


If you can’t spot the HomePod 17 Beta update post installing the beta profile, head over to Home app > Home Settings > Software Update > HomePod Beta Updates. From here, simply toggle the switch to OFF for the HomePod speaker you wish to upgrade to HomePod 17 Beta.

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Are you sure of this?

By downloading and installing this profile, you are enrolled in Apple's Developer Beta program.

The iOS 16 developer beta is still in development, which means some applications and services may not work as expected and their data may not be backwards compatible. Be sure to back up your iOS device with iTunes before installing the software.